About the organizers

This year, the two clubs from Laholm collaborate to organize the Swedish and Nordic championships in vaulting 2018

Caprifolen voltigeklubb

Caprifolen Voltigeklubb was formed in 2005. The club has about 40 active vaulters at all levels from 5 years and older. The association also has a paralegal team. Caprifolen works a lot with value base, integration and participation and mixes vaulting training with dance, circus and musical. The club's motto is "vaulting is for everybody".

Laholms Ryttarförening

Laholms RF was formed in 1952 and currently has about 200 members, of which about 25 vaulters. The vaulting section were formed in the early 80s and have since harvested many successes within the sport both in Sweden and internationally. Laholms RF is not only known for their vaulting but also has many talented practitioners in other disciplines such as showjumping, dressage and driving.